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Being a double bass player is my way of life. This life is built around enriching projects.

It is very important for me to develop as a musician, to carry out different projects that feed intro each other.

This makes my creativity increase day by day based on constant research and exploration. 


The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra led by Gordan Nikolić has various collaborations with internationally renowned guest conductors and soloists, as well as budding stars of the next generation of musicians. The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam is the orchestra’s primary venue. The orchestra has been the principal partner of Dutch National Opera for more than 30 years and is among the world's best opera orchestras.


Over the years, working and developing my facet as a soloist have taught me a personal way of expressing myself. 
The double bass can occupy from the voice of a baritone to the most plaintive lament, point this level of expression can be carriles out both in front of an orchestra and accompanied by a piano, as long as one knows what to say.


Teaching has been part of my life for more than 15 years.

I found out how amazing it is to help and support young students  in their development as a musician.

Summer courses and Master classes are the perfect occasions to meet new people, and to follow them in a longer perspective, I have a teaching position in Codarts, Rotterdam.


I'm playing with Muyayos de Raiz since 13 years ago. Muyayos is a World music band with an impressive way of communicating music.

We have many differents projects, from film music to pedagogical concerts without forgetting our explosives performances in folk festivals.

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